Bali Clean Energy Forum 2016

The event aims to unite the world opinion for discussing the acceleration of clean energy development and looking for the potential foreign investors in the clean energy sector. The Forum attended by world energy ministers, private sectors, the experts in clean energy, and related international organizations estimated to reach 750 participants.

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources describes the Indonesia’s unique position as a member of OPEC, an organization of oil exporting countries, and also International Energy Agency (IEA) as an oil importer organization. “Institutionally, we have become a part of OPEC and also IEA which focuses on the renewable energy,” Sudirman added that the more inclusive dialogue between OPEC and IEA will complete the program of both organizations.

Bali Clean Energy Forum is proclaimed to maintain the dialogue between IEA and OPEC. At this forum, the Government has targeted to carry out the revolution of clean energy technological innovation that consists of increasing double clean energy research; transparency, collaboration, and dissemination’s information result of research and market development; agreement to eliminate market barriers of cleans energy’s goods and services; and building the capacity around the world to harmonize the technical standards provision and maintenance for clean energy.


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