Indonesian Government Aims 25% Power Plants from New Renewable Energy

Indonesian Government Aims 25% or about 8.8 gigawatt (GW) Power Plants which built in 35,000 megawatt (MW) power plants project came from the new renewable energy. Indonesian Minister of Energy said, “Through today improvement of 35,000 MW development electrification has been reach in the amount of 17.3 GW which is 2.7 GW came from new renewable energy”.

He thought, to improve new renewable energy’s development are firstly, make the fundamental policies for support clean energy realization. Government have planning National Energy Plan with target 46 GW for new renewable energy’s development in 2025. “And then make a mandatory plan for 20% biodiesel and publishing presidential decree about acceleration of electrification development that using new renewable energy as a priority” Indonesian Minister of Energy added.

Furthermore, he continues, publishing some policies about new energy including power plants from geothermal, hydro and municipal waste.

Meanwhile, Minister of Energy said, for ensure renewable energy realization for all, government has prepared Indonesia Bright program, which is still 12,519 villages in indonesia still pitch-dark in the night. “We will boost effort for electricity coursing every village with new renewable energy, which Indonesian Centre of Excellence will be prime over in Indonesia Bright program.

On the same occasion, Vice President of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla looks there are a number of countries have resources but lack of technologies. Meanwhile there a lot of countries have good technologies but do not have enough resources. “Indonesia in a good way today, full component (resources and technologies) in renewable or clean energy,” said Jusuf Kalla.

Indonesia, said Jusuf Kalla, have enough gas resources even for exporting to other countries. “For that reason, this resources will be exploited much more easier for the future,” he added.

Moreover, Indonesia has many volcanoes, that means Indonesia have geothermal resources reaching 40% of world resources. “Beside technologies, cooperation is needed to excogitate clean energy. We invite investors for invest in clean energy sector especially,” said Jusuf Kalla.


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