Gunung Lawu Geothermal Development

The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry (ESDM) announced that PT Pertamina, the state owned energy company, has won a tender process to develop Gunung Lawu geothermal working area (WK). The decision was made through the ministry’s stipulation No. 35K/30/MEM/2016 on the winner of the Gunung Lawu geothermal working area.

Rambu Energy claims than three Companies have passed the first phase of the tender process for Gunung Lawu geothermal working area. In the second phase, PT Pertamina, and PT Star Energy Geothermal Indonesia, were shortlisted as preferred bidders.

The ministry said Pertamina offered to sell geothermal steam price at 10.000 cent USD per kWh, lower than the tariff offered by Star Energy at 14.47 cent USD per kWh.

Gunung Lawu Geothermal Working Area is located in three regencies – Karanganyar, Sragen, and Wonogiri in Central Java province as well as Ngawi Regency and Magetan Regency in East Java Province.


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